Friday, September 28, 2007

Supporting our Troops and Customers Overseas

We recently received this comment from a customer serving in the Armed Forces overseas:

The CottonCandyExpress web site was very easy to navigate,
On a Tuesday we placed an overseas order with them,
with a special request of rushed shipment,
they had it to us in Germany a week later,
plenty of time to make our event even sweeter!
Thank you CottonCandyExpress.

From Germany, and will ship their products to any APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) address in the world using US Priority Mail! Whether they are on a ship, a military base, or US Embassy...we'll send it there!

We enjoy providing quality, enjoyable treats for our men and women faithfully serving our country in far off places. We also hope that the kids who are stationed overseas with their parents are getting their fair share of snow cones, shaved ice and cotton candy too!

To learn more about our shipping policies, please click here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stock Up Now! Our Fall Sale is Happening Now. Save Big!

Summer has come to a close, but now is the time to prepare for next season! Everything at is on sale. Save anywhere from 10-25% on shaved ice machines, snow cone machines, supplies, syrups and flavoring supplies.

If you are looking to purchase a new machine, now is the time to buy it! Our everyday low prices are now even lower! This is the best time to purchase your new machine and test it during the off season. When prime selling time is upon you…you’ll be ready and familiar with your new machine.

Restock on all of your supplies. You won’t find better prices on all the necessary supplies for your shaved ice or snow cone business anywhere else.

Check out all of the great savings at and order today!

Slush Drink Information

If you are considering the purchase of a slush machine, here are some interesting numbers to review.

Based on past experience in the industry, about 54% of women purchase slush treats versus 46% of men. Women tend to purchase slush treats 3 to 7 times per week whereas men purchase slush treats 2 to 5 times per week. Out of the percentages of both men and women, the average age group of customers who enjoy the treat is 25-49 years old. Most customers purchase slush treats for snacks, thirst quenchers, desserts, and meal replacements.

The most common serving size for a slush drink is a 16 oz. cup that can average from $1.00 to $1.50. If you are at a special event, you may want to increase your prices slightly. In addition, you may serve several hundred drinks at one event. Please make sure you have enough mix available (you can serve approximately 120 – 16 oz. cups per case of slush mix). Your cost per 16 oz. cup is $.303, which is detailed below:

Supplies Cost
16 oz cup $.053
Slush $.24
Spoonstraw $.01

Total Cost: $.303

We hope this information is helpful to you in deciding whether or not to pursue the purchase and use of a slush machine.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Slush Machines on Sale

In addition to selling top of the line shave ice and snow cone machines at, we also sell the very popular and dependable Bunn Ultra-2 slush machine. Bunn is a brand known for its quality and durability. Adding slush drinks to your menu line is a great way to boost your profits. On warm days, people will flock to your location for your great shaved ice, snow cones or slushes!

Plan ahead for next summer! Our slush machines are on sale. Check out our great fall savings now! Click here for more information.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Customers!

We relish feedback from our customers. We also enjoy sharing it with everyone whenever possible. Here is a portion of an email we received from one of our great customers:

"I recently purchased some of the flavored syrups and I was extremely satisfied with the product as well as the customer service. I would highly recommend 1-800-Shaved-Ice to anyone looking for this type of product and also anyone looking into a business venture."
Janet, VA

1-800-Shaved-Ice.Com is No. 1!

Did you know we are a nationally recognized, award winning company? We are extremely proud of our products!

Our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, CNN and the Oxygen Network. Our proudest achievement was the distinguished award of “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal in July of 2002. The Wall Street Journal stated that “(our products) seem to rise above the rest”. This award paid tribute to our excellent shaved ice and snow cone products, superior customer service and unmatched syrup flavors.

Rest assured that when you do business with us, we will take care of you! High quality products and the best customer service possible are our main priorities!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baseball Tournament Locator

As I mentioned in the last article, I said I would post information on how to find baseball tournaments. The following website is a nationwide baseball tournament directory:

Again, the best thing to do is use the initial contact person listed on the site for the tournament that interests you. I would suggest calling them to find out who is handling their concessions so that you can talk directly with that person.

Please keep in mind that tournaments may also occur at multiple locations. When discussing concession opportunities with the person in charge of it, make sure you are located where there are multiple fields. In doing this, you will ensure higher crowds which in turn should result in higher sales volume.

Good luck! I will also post another short article once I find a good softball tournament locator too.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sports Tournaments for Mobile Vendors

Sports tournaments are usually great events for mobile food vendors. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, softball or another sport, attendance is usually high for these two or three day events. I have more experience with soccer tournaments than any of the others, so I’ll focus more on them. However, the same basic principles and tips should apply to any sports tournaments.

Soccer is a huge sport worldwide and is growing in popularity in the United States every year. Pretty much every suburban area has a local soccer club. There are always soccer tournaments being held throughout the spring, summer and into the early fall. Most of the local tournaments are great events for several reasons. High attendance and low registration fees are two very important things to consider. Generally, the sponsoring soccer club will either charge a flat fee or a percentage of your gross sales in order for you to be a vendor at their event. With tournaments, I always liked the percentage fee best. If the gross sales are good, then the club does well too. Sometimes a flat fee is good for the first year when working with an event. Once you know what kind of crowd and sales can be expected, then switching over to a percentage fee isn’t a bad way to go.

Another great thing about sports tournaments is that once people are there…they don’t want to leave! Parking is generally a top concern for attendees. This in turn benefits you tremendously because people are willing to stay all day and purchase from vendors at the fields.

Participating in local sports tournaments is also beneficial to you because of the exposure you gain. I can’t tell you how many other events I was offered while being at a soccer tournament. One year, I added 3 more tournaments to my schedule! You will gain a following too. When people start seeing you at more tournaments, they will become repeat customers and look for you at every tournament.

Exposure, especially in your local area is critical to generating more opportunities for your concessions business. Local sports tournaments are also a way to give back to the community, gaining exposure while making a few bucks at the same time.

Again, you can check with your local Chamber of Commerce for information about sports tournaments in your area. You can also use the Internet to find contact information for local sports clubs by doing a Google search. You can also access contact information for soccer tournaments at Currently, they have over 1300 soccer tournaments listed for the United States and Canada. Generally you can contact the tournament director via email or a phone call to find out who to contact about being a vendor at their tournament.

I will post more links for other sports tournaments as I find them. Thanks!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A History Lesson on Cotton Candy

While most people refer to this tasty treat as cotton candy, it has many other names too. Over the course of time it has been referred to as spun sugar, fairy floss and candy floss. The diversity of its names is just as diverse as the stories behind its origins.

In the United States, the first references to this confection date to the early 1900’s. However, there are complicated recipes for it dating back to the mid-18th century in Europe. To learn more about the interesting history of cotton candy, please visit The Food Timeline website. Click on ‘cotton candy’ to get the whole story! Enjoy!

Is It Necessary to Buy into a Franchise?

When investigating the possibilities with your new shave ice business, you will run into several franchise offers. We are frequently asked whether or not a franchise is needed to own and operate a shaved ice or snow cone business. Our answer is consistently NO! We feel that almost anyone who is willing to work hard enough can have a successful shaved ice or snow cone business without franchising. does not sell franchises nor do we require contractual agreements to be signed by our customers. There are no special fees and no territories to purchase and restrict your growth potential. Our prices are not artificially inflated to collect a “franchise” fee. You can buy directly from us and sell under any name that you choose, even Hawaiian Shaved Ice which is the most commonly used name.

By independently owning your business, you will have better control over your prices, your product line and business management. Franchise companies will often restrict the products you may sell. They may also require your location or business to meet certain requirements to remain part of the franchise. You may also have to pay yearly franchise fees or even a portion of your sales to the franchiser for the right to operate under their brand name. In addition, we have found that many of the franchise companies require you to buy almost all of your supplies through from them at inflated prices. In then end, most franchise companies double their profit from your business.

We want to see you operate a successful business and retain the profits. Please remember to contact us anytime with questions regarding the start up of your new concessions business.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Introducing Cotton Candy Express!

Cotton Candy Express is your premier Internet retailer specializing in affordable cotton candy machines, supplies, accessories, and combo kits. With over 20 different types of cotton candy machines, you are sure to find a machine that will fit your need perfectly.

With over 10 years of hands-on-experience in the Concession Industry, we are able to offer you the best, most affordable Cotton Candy machines, supplies, and accessories. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we sell all of the necessities you need for any cotton candy business or event.

At Cotton Candy Express, we stand behind everything we sell and guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with all of our products. If not, simply return your order within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Guaranteed! In addition, all orders are placed over our 5 star Yahoo! Store secure server in order to provide maximum privacy and confidentially.