Monday, September 10, 2007

Is It Necessary to Buy into a Franchise?

When investigating the possibilities with your new shave ice business, you will run into several franchise offers. We are frequently asked whether or not a franchise is needed to own and operate a shaved ice or snow cone business. Our answer is consistently NO! We feel that almost anyone who is willing to work hard enough can have a successful shaved ice or snow cone business without franchising. does not sell franchises nor do we require contractual agreements to be signed by our customers. There are no special fees and no territories to purchase and restrict your growth potential. Our prices are not artificially inflated to collect a “franchise” fee. You can buy directly from us and sell under any name that you choose, even Hawaiian Shaved Ice which is the most commonly used name.

By independently owning your business, you will have better control over your prices, your product line and business management. Franchise companies will often restrict the products you may sell. They may also require your location or business to meet certain requirements to remain part of the franchise. You may also have to pay yearly franchise fees or even a portion of your sales to the franchiser for the right to operate under their brand name. In addition, we have found that many of the franchise companies require you to buy almost all of your supplies through from them at inflated prices. In then end, most franchise companies double their profit from your business.

We want to see you operate a successful business and retain the profits. Please remember to contact us anytime with questions regarding the start up of your new concessions business.

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