Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Your Shaved Ice Machine Ready for the Season Ahead?

Have you prepped your shaved ice machine for the upcoming season? If not, it's time to get it cleaned up, test it, and make sure everything is in proper order.

Do you need parts or accessories? At, we offer a wide variety of parts and accessories for the shaved ice machines we sell on our site. If you need a new foot pedal, ice molds, or replacement blades, we have them! We also stock replacement blades for our snow cone machines too.

If for some reason you need a part for your machine and we don't have it listed on our site, please be sure to call us and we'll be happy to help you locate it.

Cake Batter Syrup

Remember helping your mom or grandmother bake a cake when you were young? Remember being able to lick the batter off the spoons or from the bowl? Remember how great that tasted? We do!

Now, you can get that same nostalgic taste from with our Cake Batter syrup flavor!

Quart bottles of our Yellow Cake Batter Syrup are now on sale! Order today, save some money, and enjoy the fresh from the oven taste of cake batter on your next shaved ice or snow cone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Events for Your Mobile Concessions Business

When you're a mobile concessionaire, it's important to get your schedule filled up with good, high traffic events. Do you know where to go and who to contact for events in your area?

Over the past few years, the use of the Internet to find events has increased and the results available have improved dramatically too.

At, we have posted many of our favorite links that we have used to find good events. Articles containing those links are scattered throughout the blog and have been posted over the past several years.

Since the special events season is about to get started, we thought it would be helpful to post those links in one, central article this year so that our readers can reference them easily.

Here's the list!

1. Soccer Tournament Directory - Soccer tournaments are great events for all types of concessionaires!
2. - National Softball Tournament Directory. Again, softball tournaments draw large crowds of people who don't want to leave to get snacks (for fear of losing their parking space) so they will happily patronize your stand. Nothing beats shaved ice or a snow cone on a hot day at a tournament!
3. - USCarny's does a great job of compiling events of all sorts by state. It's a great resource and will definitely become a favorite for you!

**The next 3 resources are very similar in nature. However, we like to list all 3 of them because at times, each of them will list an event unique just to that particular site.

6. - Festival Network Online offers you the ability to use their site for free, but limits some of the information you are able to view. To get detailed information about particular events, you need to join their site using one of their membership packages. Our suggestion is to try the free approach at first and see if you think it is a viable website that will serve your needs. If so, go ahead and join. We have joined in the past and felt that it was worth it due to the events we found and participated in by using their website.

We hope you will find these links useful!

If you're in the shaved ice, snow cone, or cotton candy business - be sure to visit our websites for the best products at the lowest prices! features everything you need to keep your shaved ice and snow cone business in tip=top shape! offers concessionaires everything you can think of related to cotton candy!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

With spring only 54 days away (hooray), it's time to start figuring out how you are going cover the hours of operation for your stand or your mobile operation. If you are an established, you probably have an established group of workers that you rely on each season. If not, or if you are new to the industry, here are a few tips to help you as you hire employees to work for you during the spring and summer seasons.

1. Referrals. If you already have good, existing staff, ask them. Good workers know other good workers. Give them the opportunity to bring in someone they like to work with and will do a good job.
2. Make sure that potential employees are well aware of your season (start and end dates). If your business operates primary on weekends at various special events and festivals, be sure that they are okay with working weekends throughout the spring and summer season.
3. Hire people who will represent your business well. Remember, the person behind the counter of your stand will definitely be remembered by your customers. Make sure that the people you are comfortable with putting in front of people and allowing them to be the 'face' of your business. Traits to consider: personality, responsibility, kindness, and vivaciousness...the list goes on.
4. Look to hire people who will be interested in working for you next season too. A new employee is an investment of your time and finances. Seek people who will work with you more than one season if possible.
5. Be careful and aware of guidelines when hiring minors. Many of those hired for seasonal work are under the age of 18. Double-check federal and state guidelines as to the type of work minors are allowed to perform and the number of hours they are permitted to work.

These are just a few things to consider as you prepare to hire seasonal workers for your shaved ice or snow cone business. We hope you will find these useful as you prepare for the upcoming season. We hope your 2010 season will be a successful one!

New to the Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Industry?

Are you new to the snow cone or shaved ice business world? If so, WELCOME! We think you have chosen a great industry.

As our way of saying welcome, we want to offer to you our FREE 100+ page business manual. Our manual, COLD CASH: An Insider's Guide on How to Make Money in the Shaved Ice, Snow Ball, and Snow Cone Business has been written with you in mind. Our desire is to take our years of experience and pass on the tips, tricks, and knowledge we have acquired and pass it on to you. In doing so, we hope that it will help you establish your business and achieve success.

Here is a brief list of topics that are covered in our manual:

Types of Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines
RTU Syrups and Flavor Concentrates
Secret Specialty Recipes
Business Revenue and Expenses
Business Equipment & Supplies
State and Local Business Requirements

Please visit our main website, and request your FREE copy today! We hope you will find it informative and helpful as you begin your exciting journey in the shaved ice and snow cone business world!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Our fan page allows us to interact with people all over the world. Occasionally we offer special discounts on products through our fan page too. It's definitely worth following!

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Legal Business Entities

Are you putting together a new concessions business? If so, have you chosen the best legal structure for your new company? Have you gotten that far yet? If not, here is a great breakdown of the legal business entities available in the US today. This list has been compiled by SCORE.

We hope that you will find the descriptions of these business entities helpful as you move forward in forming your new business.

Types of Legal Entities

Choosing the legal structure of your business is an important first step to beginning operations. Different business entities offer different levels of protection, control and potential tax savings. Here are some of the most common types of business organizations:

Sole Proprietorships
A sole proprietorship is created by default–if you begin business operations solo, without forming a specific organization, you’re a sole proprietor. Sole proprietorships have the least amount of liability protection for the business owner. If your company is sued or pursued for unpaid debt, creditors can seize your personal assets as repayment. Sole proprietors pay tax on business income on their personal income tax returns–the business does not pay its own taxes.

Partnerships are similar to Sole Proprietorships in that income “passes through” the business to be taxed at a personal level. Partnerships can offer some liability protection if they are structured as limited liability partnerships. A partnership can allocate profits and losses among the partners as it sees fit–usually specified in the partnership agreement. Partnerships can also be “formed” very informally in some cases, without filing any legal documents.

Most for-profit companies operate as C-Corporations. The owners of a C-Corporation, called shareholders, are taxed twice–once at the corporate level (the corporation files its own tax return) and once at the personal level on income received from the company. C-Corporations offer heightened protection for owners and allow a more formal, defined structure for business owners–you’re required to file articles of incorporation, hold annual meetings and meet other requirements, depending on which state you choose to incorporate in.

S-Corporations also provide personal liability protection against business debts. S-Corporations are similar to C-Corporations in many respects–there are certain requirements for formation and operation and the corporation is its own legal entity–but income “passes through” the corporation to shareholders, similar to taxation at the Partnership or Sole Proprietorship level. An S-Corporation offers many of the benefits of incorporation without exposing the shareholders to the double taxation a C-Corporation requires.

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid entity that has some characteristics of a corporation. Rules for LLCs are usually determined at the state level and can vary depending on which state you form your business in. LLCs have fewer ownership restrictions than corporations and more flexible management structures, but allow owners fewer options when it comes to raising capital for business operations or finding investors.

No matter which type of business organization you choose to form, make sure you consider all of your options before making a decision. It’s a good idea to consult with an attorney, so you can fully understand the benefits and drawbacks to each type of entity.

SCORE, the “Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners” is a national association dedicated to helping small business owners form and grow their businesses. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia and Washington D.C., SCORE has 364 chapters in the United States as well as in U.S territories. SCORE is a partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).