Friday, May 30, 2008

Tell Us about Your Concessions Stand!

We would like to hear from our readers about their concessions business. Please feel free to send us information about your business, equipment, menu, successes, pitfalls, nuggets of wisdom you'd like to pass along, your website, etc. If you'd like, go ahead and send us a picture too. We'll put together a post about your business and place it here in the blog. We're interested in our readers, appreciate the time you spend on our blog and in return, we'd like to feature some of your businesses.

At the same time, feel free to make suggestions on topics that you would like for us to discuss here as well.

Please feel free to send your info in to us at


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Would You like a Little Sweet Cream to Boost your Profits?

At, Condensed Milk (Sweet Cream) has always been our most popular topping. After you make a cup of shaved ice, simply pour a good amount over the top. Be careful though, because it can get very messy. You can also offer a double dose of sweet cream by adding the cream to the middle and to the top of the shaved ice. Prices range from 25 to 50 cents per dose. Check your local grocery store for 14 ounce cans which usually can be found on the baking ingredients aisle. Cost is around $1.40 cents a can. Some stands dilute the sweet cream with evaporated milk. The ratio is usually 2 cans of evaporated milk to one can of condensed milk. You can adjust the ratio as you see needed and according to your own taste.

This is a great way to boost your sales and increase profits over time with your shaved ice business.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are Organic Concession Stands the Next "Big Thing?"

I found an article this morning talking about a new concession stand that has opened at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL. I'm just wondering if this might be a new trend that is rising among concessionaires.

Any thoughts? Ideas? The concept of 'going green' as a mobile food vendor is intriguing and on the surface, seems pretty easy to integrate.

Is the organic/whole foods/locally grown and raised demographic large enough to draw enough customers to a mobile stand at a local event? I think so. At least in our area, I think it would very well received.

Anyhow, I just wanted to throw this article out there for you to review and mull over.
If you think of it, please leave me a comment on your thoughts and reactions to this new, possibly lucrative niche that is emerging for concessionaires.

Photo courtesy of Steve Woods

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hmm...I Never Knew!

I don't know if I've used this term in the blog just yet anywhere but, "You learn something new everyday." The following information is just for fun...but it's interesting. It's a good conversation starter, that's for sure!

Did you know that after one session of cleaning the ice in an ice hockey rink that the average Zamboni machine contains enough ice to make 3,661 snow cones? That's a lot of ice! Not that anyone would want to eat it. However, it's just interesting information.

Enjoy! :)

(Photo courtesy of Vincent Baas)

The Best Snow Cone Machine Package Available!

Summer is upon us and it's time to start serving refreshing, cool treats! Whether you are a concessions business, church group, day care or summer camp, this snow cone package is the best choice for you!

Our Deluxe Snow Cone Package comes with the following:

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* 20 Plastic Long Neck Quart Serving Bottles with Caps
* 11 Plastic Professional Bottle Pourers
* 11 Nightcaps
* 20 Mylar Labels (2 of each flavor)
* 1 16 ounce heavy-duty funnel
* 2 Boxes of 400 Spoonstraws
* 4 sleeves of 200 Paper Snow Cone Cups
* 1 Snow Cone Holder

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Crathco Frozen Slush Drink Machines

Currently, carries two different models of Crathco's Frozen Drink Machine. They carry the single and double barrel models of this workhorse machine. These machines are well known as the "Original Margarita Machine." These high capacity machines are an excellent choice for high volume locations such as convenience stores, rental shops, party supply stores, restaurants, and bars. Whether you are using them to make margaritas or just frozen drinks, you will not be disappointed with the quality and convenience of Crathco's machines.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Point of View on the Concessions Business

I found this article recently about a gentleman who operated a juice and smoothie trailer at special events. I always enjoy reading about someone else's experiences in the concessions industry. I particularly enjoy reading about people who participate in special events.

It's always good to hear about other people's successes and struggles in our business. So, please take a moment and read about Glen and his Juice Caboose. As i always say, you may pickup a tidbit of knowledge or an idea and be able to apply it to your own business. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Get a Floss Stabilizer for your Cotton Candy machine!

This patented item really prevents the cotton candy from flying out of the pan. In the long run, this product more than pays for itself by simply eliminating floss from floating out of your cotton candy machine.

The plastic screening material is held tightly in 6 places, with space behind it between the clips. The floss readily adheres to the screening and makes spinning cotton candy cones very easy. A must for every cotton candy operator. Six stainless steel clips are included. The Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer is best used with the Gold Medal Aluminum or Non-Metallic floss pans.

Order one today at!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Listen to Your Customers

Customers are the critical component to any service oriented business. As a concessionaire, your interaction with your customers is vital to the positive growth and success of your business. To effectively grow your business, it's wise to listen to your customers. At times, they have some great tips that will create additional growth for you.

As an example, for several years, I owned a specialty coffee business. In addition to one fixed location, we had a mobile trailer that we used at various seasonal events in our region (soccer tournaments, arts and crafts festivals, harvest festivals, music fairs, etc.). The first year we attended a certain music festival it was suggested to us that we feature organic coffees. The next year when we returned, the positive comments from customers was unbelievable. We listened and reacted positively to a suggestion. In the end, it paid off big time because we were catering to the desires and requests from a specific demographic. The result? Every year we attended this festival, we had a line at our stand all day long. We served hundreds of drinks per hour. The consecutive years spent at that festival were always great. It will go down as one of the best events we ever worked.

This example pours over into other businesses as well. If a customer truly gives you a good suggestion...follow through with it! Not only will you please that particular customer, but he/she will tell their friends about it too. Positive referrals should be considered money in the bank for your company!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Resource Material for Potential Concessionaires

I just discovered this book, entitled "How to Make Serious Money with Your Own Mobile Food Business" and the accompanying DVD that may be of interest to potential concessionaires. While the author focuses a bit on being a mobile BBQ vendor, I think there is also a great deal of pertinent information that crosses over to other vendors as well. So, whether you serve snow cones, shaved ice, cotton candy or a myriad of other products, I think this may serve as good reference material.

For those who are considering the investment in a mobile food business, I would highly encourage you to read every resource you can find. The more information you can arm yourself with, the better off you will be in understanding and handling situations that arise during the operation of your business.

Here's Amazon's product description:

"This course provides the information you need to start and operate your own mobile food business. Learn how to sell food to hungry people at strategic locations and make a good profit at the same time. You can sell food at busy downtown street corners, festivals and fairs, school events, church gatherings, ball games and craft shows. Successful businesses have been built around Pizza, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Barbecue, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, Pop Corn and many others. The 2 DVD's (2.5 hours running time) present an overview of many aspects of a mobile food vending business. The author gives a complete tour of a fully equipped Barbeque Concession Trailer and shows how to cook, prepare and sell the various menu items that are essential to success. Further topics are: finding a Restaurant Commissary, selecting a great location and making extra money on weekends or in your spare time. You will also learn many inside secrets that are based on the experience of a thriving and successful food vending business. The included book (87 pages) is packed with additional business and marketing information. Helpful advice is given on selecting the best foods to sell, working with your local Health Department, purchasing food in bulk and increasing profits with catering jobs. Learn what cooking equipment you need and find out how you can get started with a very modest investment. Other tips and tricks of the trade include ways to design and build your own Concession Trailer. Also included are the favorite BBQ recipes that will help you win loyal customers who will come back for more day after day. This authoritative guide is the most comprehensive volume about the mobile food business on the market. It shows you in an entertaining and practical way how you can supplement your current income or even create your own full time job. Find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity and cash in on the basic human need of food!"

If you have read this book or reviewed the DVD, let me know your thoughts on it. I would greatly appreciate it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Champagne Snow Cones =$$$

I found this article today from last summer and thought it was interesting enough to share with everyone. This concoction is probably best tried at home. However, if you have a restaurant with a liquor license, this might be a good candidate for a 'signature' dessert. It could also be a good money maker if you are in a position to sell this adult snow cone. $18 per serving is pretty pricey. However, I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there who would pay it for such a tasty treat!

Cotton Candy Bags

Do you need to order bags before the busy season really gets going? has two different types of floss bags available to its customers. You can choose our plain, clear bags or the clown print bags. Each are sold by the case (1000 12"x18" bags). Order today while our spring sale is still going!