Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Customer is Always the Priority

We haven’t featured any of the great responses we’ve had from our wonderful customers in a while. At,, and one of our main priorities is to provide top notch customer service to every person or business that we deal with on a daily basis. As you know from reading our blog, we think that customer service is an incredibly important factor for the success of any business—whether it’s a concessions business or any other type of business.

Because of our dedication and respect for customer service, we always enjoy getting feedback from our customers. And…occasionally, we enjoy sharing those ‘feel good’ quotes. So, here goes:

"Great Customer Service! Could not be more pleased! They were wonderful and I'll continue to do business with them. A great company! Fabulous! Wish more companies had this type of customer service."
Martha, WA

"My experience with this company has been very positive in every way. I have placed orders via their website and have always received exactly what I ordered and in a very timely manner. I have placed phone orders with several different customer service people and I have always received very friendly, courteous and helpful conversations and the same accuracy and speed of shipment. My experience with this company could not be more satisfactory. Great selection, service, attitude and prices!"
Roger, IA

"At 1-800-Shaved-Ice, you will find high quality merchandise at very reasonable prices. I have always had prompt deliveries, great customer service and even follow up care. I highly recommend them!"
Tanya, FL

We share these quotes to highlight the fact that being passionate about providing quality customer service pays off…time and time again. We hope that these quotes will inspire you to develop a policy for your own business that is dedicated to providing your own customers with great products and excellent service too.

Cotton Candy Starter Package

At, we are excited about the Cotton Candy Starter Package that we have created for individuals and organizations interested in trying out the cotton candy market.

Our starter package comes with everything you need to get up and running:

*Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine
*1000 Floss Cones
*1 case of Flossugar, your choice of flavor
*Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer

The Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine is an ideal beginner floss machine. The Floss Boss is the most dependable cotton candy maker in the industry. Solid-state heat control, high capacity spinner head, and cool running operation make it easy to use. It will easily create 60-80 servings of cotton candy per hour.

Each case of Flossugar contains six 3.25 lb. cartons, enough for approximately 360 ounces of cotton candy. Flossugar flavors include:

*Blue Raspberry
*Pink Bubble Gum
*Red Cherry
*Purple Grape
*Lime Green
*Pink Vanilla

Order now while it is on sale and save even more on your start up costs.

Little Snowie Budget Package

If you're looking for a great little "workhorse" package for your youth group, church group, service organization, or just to have for parties and other functions then you should definitely check out the Little Snowie Package from

The Little Snowie is great for these kind of groups and functions. It's also a great little package to use and "test the waters" if you are thinking about getting into the shaved ice business.

The Little Snowie Budget Package comes with everything you need (except ice, haha). We have one of these packages that we use for church related functions and it always performs well. It's fast enough and creates fluffy shaved ice that everyone (kids and adults) enjoy. In fact, it's "scheduled" to be used in February for our Valentine's Day Banquet which has a Hawaiian Luau theme this year. People in our church thoroughly enjoy the treats made with the Little Snowie...whether it's hot or cold outside!

Check out the contents of the entire package by visiting Order it now during our End of Season sale and save over $100!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roadside Shaved Ice Package for Kids

This is by far one of my favorite packages offered at I think it's great!

The Roadside Shaved Ice Package is a wonderful gift for kids or grandkids. It comes with everything they need to be up and running their own shaved ice stand in your front yard.

*Quality, eye catching Shaved Ice Stand designed specifically for children
*Our kid-safe S-500 Snow Cone Machine (Electrical, 120 Volt)
*5 quart bottles of Hawaiian Shaved Ice Premium Syrup (your choice of flavors)
*25 Spoon Straws
*5 Bottle Pourers
*25 Sno Cone Cups
*1 Hawaiian Flower Lei (artificial)

Not only can they simply have fun making their own delicious treats, but you can also help them learn about business too if you choose to let them try and sell shaved ice in your neighborhood. You can teach them great concepts such as: serving quality products, charging a fair price, courteous service, money management, setting goals, and many other great concepts that will benefit them for years to come.

This is a fun package for your kids or grandkids. Order today during our fall sale and save $20!

The Big, BIG Syrup Sale at is Happening NOW

Starting today through Friday October 30th, every quart of Ready to Use Flavored Syrup is $5 per bottle. That's right, $5 per bottle and this is for every flavor we carry at! With over 80 flavors, we think this is a great time to stock up on your family's favorite flavors.

Holiday Hint: Mom and Dad...order your kids' favorites, hide them until Christmas, and use them as stocking stuffers. Just an idea! Then, your kids will be ready for warmer weather and they'll have their favorite flavor all ready to go when you break out the shaved ice or snow cone machine again for the season.

Order all of your favorite flavors this week and save a bundle!

Get Shaved and Their Unique Use of Twitter

Get Shaved is a mobile Hawaiian Shaved Ice company based in Southern California and primarily services the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. In addition to their mobile shaved ice truck, they also do private catered parties and they have a cart at Universal Studios CityWalk that features a limited version of their menu.

What's important to note though is their creative use of Twitter. Every day, several times a day, they update their followers on Twitter (over 2,200 of them) along with the rest of the 'Twitterverse' with the location of their shaved ice truck. For example, here is one of their previous tweets:

"10/25: 11a-2p @ Eagle Rock Farmers' Market - 2700 Colorado Blvd (Eagle Rock Plaza)"

They have created quite a following for themselves in this manner. It's a unique method of doing business and it seems to be catching on. For example, if you do a search on Twitter for GetShaved, you'll notice people (potential customers) asking them where they'll be next, commenting on their favorite menu item or flavor, recommending people go and try a shaved ice, etc.

Anyhow, I'd recommend that you read this article that I found and then visit the Get Shaved website. If you're on Twitter, I'd recommend that you follow them and see what they are up to and LEARN. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lynchburg, VA Shaved Ice Stand in the News

Recently, The Frigid Frog made the news in Lynchburg, VA. This usually seasonal business has decided to stay open year round in its current location. During the cooler months they will be serving coffee and hot chocolate in addition to the 100 flavors of shaved ice and other goodies that they sell.

Read the entire article and file it away. As a shaved ice or snow cone business owner, it's always important to read about other owners, their thoughts and ideas. As we've said before, we call these "magic lanterns" because they offer a bit of insight and spur all of us on with ideas for our own businesses.

We hope that The Frigid Frog will continue to have a successful year! If you're in the Lynchburg area...stop in for a cup of coffee or even shaved ice (it's still delicious in the winter time too).

Our Award Winning Flavors

Did you know that our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, CNN and the Oxygen Network? Our proudest achievement was the distinguished award of “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal in July of 2002. The Journal stated that “(our products) seem to rise above the rest”. This award paid tribute to our excellent shaved ice and snow cone products, superior customer service and unmatched syrup flavors.

Since that time, we have continued our dedication to providing our customers with the best tasting flavors possible. Over the years, our flavors have developed quite a following. People can taste the difference and appreciate the quality that goes into the creation of our flavors.

"The flavors I have tried so far have been outstanding, can't wait to taste the others. Customer service was great and pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone searching for an excellent product."
Sylvia – MN

"I've had very good experience from this company. Their follow up on orders is excellent. My customers love their flavors. I'll continue to order my supplies from them since they have the best prices."
Mari, CA

Click here to view the entire flavor list for and This list will give you information about the color of the syrup and a brief taste description. Whether you’re using our flavors at home or in your own shaved ice or snow cone stand, rest assured that you are getting the best product available!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shop with Confidence at

Your security and privacy while visiting our website and purchasing products on our site is extremely important to us and we want to let you know how we safeguard your experience at

Below is a screen shot that highlights the two major ways that we work daily to ensure your experience on our website is a positive one. By coupling state of the art methods to ward off hackers, viruses and other online threats and superior customer service, we are confident that the time you spend on our website will be productive and enjoyable.

Just for good measure, here are a couple comments from customers about our site too. We always enjoy hearing from our customers!

"Very easy website to navigate. Awesome selection of various packages. Good explanation of the differences in types/styles of shavers. Fast delivery and everything was as ordered. I will definitely shop again as we need refills and replacement supplies."
Steve, OH

"The website is very easy to surf. I had no trouble locating exactly what I needed. They also made sure that the order set up included an item important to my order that I would never have though of on my own-pourers for the syrup bottles. Check out was fast and easy, leaving no room for doubt on all charges that would be applied to my order. Shipping was fast, within the time frame specified, and the order was well packaged."
Bindia, FL

Halloween Sale is Happening Now at

With Halloween upon us in just a couple of weeks, has put everything on sale!

Here are three great reasons why a sale at is awesome:

1. If you're a shaved ice or snow cone connoisseur, this is an excellent time to stock up on your favorite flavors and supplies. Right now, you can save almost $2 per bottle of our award winning ready to use syrup flavors. Stock up now and be ready for next spring and summer!
2. Christmas is need to be purchased. And yes, we have some excellent snow cone and shaved ice packages to fit every budget. Order now and save even more! Stretch your shopping dollars even further!
3. Order now and get your items before your Halloween Party. Sure, it's fall and the leaves are falling, but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying shaved ice and snow cones!

Blue Hawaiian is the Syrup Flavor of the Week

Of course you already know that you can enjoy shaved ice or snow cone treats year round at home. Now, is making it more affordable to create delicious after school (or after work) treats by offering our Flavor of the Week Special. This week, it's Blue Hawaiian. This is a tasty blend of the classic Hawaiian Punch flavor along with Coconut. Order it while it's the flavor of the week and save $3 per bottle!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Follow on Facebook

Recently, we told you about the many great ways to use for your concessions business. We know that being in business is expensive and that profit margins are often pretty tight. So, since we mentioned and recommended it as a great resource for branding products and promotional items, we thought we'd recommend a way to save a few bucks when you order from them too.

Occasionally, will offer a discount code on their Facebook fan page. For example, there is currently a 25% discount for first time orders. So, go become a fan of their Facebook page, get the discount code and order the products you need to promote your business and save some money at the same time!