Monday, November 19, 2007

12 Important Tips for Operating your Cotton Candy Machine Properly

This is a list of proven ways to ensure the efficient operation of your cotton candy machine for many years to come. If you purchased your machine from, please review the included product and warranty information for additional information or tips on how to properly use the machine. If you have rented the machine, please contact your local rental shop for ways he or she may suggest for using their machine properly. These are tips and suggestions that we have always found to be helpful!

1. Let your machine run for a few minutes in order to heat up prior to adding the sugar. This helps to eliminate the production of grainy cotton candy.
2. Always....Always add the sugar only when the motor is turning.
3. Fill the sugar to a capacity of 90 percent full.
4. In order to reduce and eliminate the machine from smoking, lower the “heat control fine-tuning”.
5. Raise the heat control setting if the floss becomes too thick; lower the heat control setting if the floss is too thin.
6. Use the machine in an area where the humidity is low. This will enable you to produce fluffier cotton candy. Unfortunately, high humidity may cause the candy to shrink.
7. When storing the cotton candy in bags or containers, it is best to seal them tight and not allow any air into the container. If air gets in the container it may discolor, shrink, or clump up the candy.
8. You may use 100% pure cane or beet sugar. Regular granulated sugar is also acceptable.
9. Never use extra-fine granulated sugar or “free flowing sugar.” Using this may clog up the machine.
10. Avoid using flavors that contain a gum or starch base due to the fact that they burn out the ribbons in the machine.
11. To create brighter colors, try adding one tablespoon of flossine to 5 pounds of sugar.
12. MOST IMPORTANT: Always use adult supervision when a child under the age of 18 is using a cotton candy machine.

In order to keep your machine operating and running efficiently, please clean it after each use. By following these tips, you will prolong the life and your machine and may reduce any potential malfunctions encountered in the future with your cotton candy machine.

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