Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Flavor Concentrates

The Premium Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Concentrates created by are what will bring your customers back to your shaved ice or snow cone stand over and over. Our flavor concentrates are made with the finest ingredients available. No expense is spared to bring you the highest quality syrup concentrates possible. Our flavor concentrates are used in shaved ice and snow cone businesses all over the world. All of our flavor concentrates are sold in either quart or one gallon containers. Please note that shaved ice syrups are the same as snow cone syrups. There is no difference.

Flavor concentrates are a much more economical way for higher volume business to operate. When using flavor concentrates, you can cut your syrup cost by 70% to 80% if you make your own snow cone or shaved ice syrup. Simply purchase the desired flavor concentrates, add simple syrup (the recipe is detailed on our website) and you’re ready to go! A quart of shaved ice or snow cone concentrate will flavor 8 gallons of syrup (32 quarts). A gallon of shaved ice or snow cone concentrate will flavor 32 gallons of syrup or 128 quarts.

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