Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Machine Drip Tray

I don't like messes. I like things to be neat and clean. I'm all for purchasing tools and equipment that help me stay organized and keep things neat and in order. I'm especially fond of this when it comes to business practices. Tools that can help you maintain a professional image and aid you in doing a better job always get "two thumbs up" from me.

One such piece of equipment that gets my seal of approval is the Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Drip Tray featured at This heavy duty stainless steel tray works perfectly to catch any ice over-spray or dripping water for several of our shaved ice or snow cone machines. It is highly suggested for the HC-8E Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shaver and most of our other cube ice shavers. Not suggested for the New Orleans Style Block Ice Shavers.

So, to cut down on clean up and messes, order one today for your stand. Get it while it's still on sale!

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