Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Use the Funnel Technique for Cups of Shaved Ice

If you are having difficulty creating nice, rounded cups of shaved ice for your customers, we recommend that you try using the funnel technique.

The funnel technique is one of the easiest techniques to learn and use because it produces a uniform dome time after time. The only drawback is that if you pack the shaved ice too much with the funnel, the shaved ice will harden and may become too crunchy. The key with this technique is always use a gentle, yet firm approach with the funnel.

Collect shaved ice on top of the cup forming a large over sized dome of ice (1) in diagram. Take the appropriate sized round funnel and gently place it on the ice (2). Gently pack the ice with the funnel and then spin the funnel back and forth to release (3). Carefully lift the funnel off the ice and apply the customer's syrup (4). currently stocks two funnels; an 8 oz. funnel and a 16 oz. funnel.

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