Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Successfully Market Your Concessions Business, Part 1

We have talked about marketing many different times over the past couple of years. It's topic that will always be on the forefront of any conversation about business until the end of time. Marketing and business are really inseparable.

Over the course of previous posts, we have also recommended various methods and resources to aid you in marketing your business too. The Small Business Administration's website has been mentioned more than once...and it's going to be recommended again now.

The SBA website ( is full of great, free resources to business owners and people who are considering going into business for themselves. I would urge you to spend some time digging through their website and see for yourself just how much valuable information is there.

Right now, my recommendation would be for you to take a look at the many different articles available there that are directly aimed at giving you (a business owner) tips and ideas on how to effectively market and advertise your business. This list of articles can be found by clicking here. One of the articles that I found most interesting so far is entitled, "15 Foolproof Ideas for Promoting Your Company". While every one of these points is not applicable to someone who owns a shaved ice or snow cone business, many of the points are very relevant and contain good suggestions.

So, during the offseason (for those of you who own seasonal shaved ice and snow cone stands), I would encourage you to take some time to read these articles. Print them out and read them when you're offline.

There are some "good tools" on the SBA website for your business operation "toolbox" that will help you operate your business more successfully.

Look for Part 2 in How to Successfully Market Your Business in the coming days!

Take care!

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