Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Events for Your Mobile Concessions Business

When you're a mobile concessionaire, it's important to get your schedule filled up with good, high traffic events. Do you know where to go and who to contact for events in your area?

Over the past few years, the use of the Internet to find events has increased and the results available have improved dramatically too.

At ConcessionCentral.com, we have posted many of our favorite links that we have used to find good events. Articles containing those links are scattered throughout the blog and have been posted over the past several years.

Since the special events season is about to get started, we thought it would be helpful to post those links in one, central article this year so that our readers can reference them easily.

Here's the list!

1. Soccer Tournament Directory - www.soccertournament.us Soccer tournaments are great events for all types of concessionaires!
2. SoftballTournaments.com - National Softball Tournament Directory. Again, softball tournaments draw large crowds of people who don't want to leave to get snacks (for fear of losing their parking space) so they will happily patronize your stand. Nothing beats shaved ice or a snow cone on a hot day at a tournament!
3. USCarnys.com - USCarny's does a great job of compiling events of all sorts by state. It's a great resource and will definitely become a favorite for you!

**The next 3 resources are very similar in nature. However, we like to list all 3 of them because at times, each of them will list an event unique just to that particular site.

4. FairsandFestivals.net
5. Festivals.com
6. FestivalNet.com - Festival Network Online offers you the ability to use their site for free, but limits some of the information you are able to view. To get detailed information about particular events, you need to join their site using one of their membership packages. Our suggestion is to try the free approach at first and see if you think it is a viable website that will serve your needs. If so, go ahead and join. We have joined in the past and felt that it was worth it due to the events we found and participated in by using their website.

We hope you will find these links useful!

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