Monday, January 25, 2010

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

With spring only 54 days away (hooray), it's time to start figuring out how you are going cover the hours of operation for your stand or your mobile operation. If you are an established, you probably have an established group of workers that you rely on each season. If not, or if you are new to the industry, here are a few tips to help you as you hire employees to work for you during the spring and summer seasons.

1. Referrals. If you already have good, existing staff, ask them. Good workers know other good workers. Give them the opportunity to bring in someone they like to work with and will do a good job.
2. Make sure that potential employees are well aware of your season (start and end dates). If your business operates primary on weekends at various special events and festivals, be sure that they are okay with working weekends throughout the spring and summer season.
3. Hire people who will represent your business well. Remember, the person behind the counter of your stand will definitely be remembered by your customers. Make sure that the people you are comfortable with putting in front of people and allowing them to be the 'face' of your business. Traits to consider: personality, responsibility, kindness, and vivaciousness...the list goes on.
4. Look to hire people who will be interested in working for you next season too. A new employee is an investment of your time and finances. Seek people who will work with you more than one season if possible.
5. Be careful and aware of guidelines when hiring minors. Many of those hired for seasonal work are under the age of 18. Double-check federal and state guidelines as to the type of work minors are allowed to perform and the number of hours they are permitted to work.

These are just a few things to consider as you prepare to hire seasonal workers for your shaved ice or snow cone business. We hope you will find these useful as you prepare for the upcoming season. We hope your 2010 season will be a successful one!

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