Monday, August 6, 2007 and Hawaiian Shaved

With the advent of our newly minted blog, we are going to start out focusing attention on the shaved ice business. We will begin covering other aspects of the concessions business after presenting several very helpful, relevant articles about operating a shaved ice business. We think this will be very helpful information to both new operators and seasoned veterans successfully operating their shaved ice companies.

We started out over 8 years ago with one shaved ice business and one employee. Today, years later, we are a major shaved ice equipment and supplies distributor. We are also extremely proud to have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. In addition, our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, CNN and the Oxygen Network. Our proudest achievement was the distinguished award of “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal in July of 2002. The Wall Street Journal stated that “(our products) seem to rise above the rest”. This award paid tribute to our excellent shaved ice and snow cone products, superior customer service, and unmatched syrup flavors.

As a direct result of our hands-on-experience in the shaved ice and snow cone industry, we are able to offer you the most affordable, unrivaled shaved ice and snow cone machines, flavors concentrates, syrups, and accessories. We have spent years refining our products in order to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Our shaved ice and snow cone machines are made to the highest standards so they will produce mountains of fine, fluffy, powdery snow. Block and cubed shaved ice shavers are available. We offer a variety of affordable snow cone machines models including electric, gas powered, and battery powered.

In creating our flavor concentrates and syrups, we have searched the world over for the truest and most mouth-watering flavors. We have traveled into the kitchens of some of the top flavor distributors and hand picked each flavor concentrate. This allows us to sell premium shaved ice or snow cone concentrates and syrups which we know your customers will enjoy so much that they will come back for more.

We at and Hawaiian Shaved, stand behind everything that we sell and guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with all of our products. If you have any questions about one of our products or are thinking of starting your own shaved ice business, please feel free to contact us.
PO Box 10
301 Raleigh Street
Newton Grove, NC 28366
Toll Free 1-800-Shaved-Ice (1-800-742-8334)
Phone (910) 594-1691
Fax (770) 234-6333


Anonymous said...

I love a good shaved ice snow cone. My daughter and I would go to a stand everday that was in the parking lot of a drug store near our house in Bakersfield, CA. We have moved to Houston and cannot find a good shaved ice stand anywhere. Do you have service in Houston?

TimMc said...

Hi Melissa,

I will need to check to see if we have any customers in the Houston, TX area. We aren't a franchise, but we do have customers who purchase our supplies from all over the US. I'll let you know if I find someone in the Houston area. Thanks for leaving a comment for us!