Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are Organic Concession Stands the Next "Big Thing?"

I found an article this morning talking about a new concession stand that has opened at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL. I'm just wondering if this might be a new trend that is rising among concessionaires.

Any thoughts? Ideas? The concept of 'going green' as a mobile food vendor is intriguing and on the surface, seems pretty easy to integrate.

Is the organic/whole foods/locally grown and raised demographic large enough to draw enough customers to a mobile stand at a local event? I think so. At least in our area, I think it would very well received.

Anyhow, I just wanted to throw this article out there for you to review and mull over.
If you think of it, please leave me a comment on your thoughts and reactions to this new, possibly lucrative niche that is emerging for concessionaires.

Photo courtesy of Steve Woods

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Anonymous said...

There is actually a company in Eden Prairie Mn that is promoting Organic concessions at various Fairs, etc they also do fundraising events very high quality products. Natures Prime Organic Foods 952-567-2700