Monday, June 16, 2008

Boost your Profits...Make your Own Syrups!

If you are a shaved ice or snow cone concessionaire and you have the ability to make, store and use larger quantities of flavor syrups, you should seriously consider making your own syrups using the concentrates sold at

Here's why:

Cost Analysis for a Gallon of Flavored Syrup:

Sugar: $2.89/5 lb. bag

Concentrate: $1.25 - based on ordering a $39.95 gallon (makes 32 gallons of syrup)

Preservative: $0.16 - based on purchasing one gallon of Sodium Benzoate

Total: $4.30/gallon ($1.08/quart) ($0.034/per ounce)

So, for those operations who are in a position to make their own syrups and store them, this represents a significant savings over purchasing ready to use flavors. Savings equals more profits. If you are interested in learning more about making your own syrups, please feel free to email at

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