Friday, February 27, 2009

Hawaiice Shaved Ice Machine for Home

This electric Hawaiice® Shaver makes mountains of fine powdery shaved ice snow in seconds. Our most popular electric home ice shaver, this shaved ice machine comes with a powerful ice shaving motor and 3 ice molds.

Simply fill the three ice molds with water and place them in your freezer overnight. Then, add one ice block to the machine and press lightly to create you own shaved ice at home. Next, add any of our Premium Shaved Ice Syrups and enjoy your own, unique Hawaiian Treat.

Easy-to-clean, heavy-duty, plastic, the shaved ice shaver will complement any kitchen counter.

It is also available in a Complete Home Package that includes shaved ice syrups and other supplies.

This is an excellent machine for home use. Combined with our award winning flavors, you will be able to create refreshing, popular treats for your kids and their friends. Of course, you'll end up making one for yourself too! Shaved Ice is a great summertime treat!

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