Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mobile Vendors...Setting Up Your Calendar for 2009 Yet?

Mobile vendors, are you booking events for your 2009 season? If this is your first season and you don't know where to find good, comprehensive lists of events in your area, I would encourage you to use the following:

1. Your local Chamber of Commerce's website. Generally, they have a good list of events happening in your local area. Many times, they will have the initial contact information listed there too.
2. Festival Network Online. This is a good resource that I have used in the past to find events to fill up my calendar. I no longer do special events, however I know that they are a reliable resource for good, high traffic events.
3. We have discussed this website previously here in the blog and recommended it. In addition to the special events listings they carry, their forum area may be useful for you too. It's always nice to have a place where you can ask questions and bounce ideas around with other concessionaires.
4. This is another site with a good, comprehensive list of nationwide events.
5. Check the Links section here in the blog for other resources (Baseball, Softball, and Soccer Tournament directories). Sporting events draw large crowds and they get hungry and thirsty!

These are a few of the recommended resources we have used in the past to locate, good, high traffic events. I would encourage you to visit them and see if there are events happening near you that work with your schedule for the 2009 season. Whether you are looking at your inaugural season or you've been in mobile concessions for years, these are good sites to visit and find solid events for your concessions business.

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