Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Summer Days + Cold, Refreshing Shaved Ice = Potential Profits

Summer in many portions of the US has started out to be a hot one! If you operate a shaved ice or snow cone stand in these "warm" regions of the US, I hope you're enjoying a busy start to the summer.

In Amarillo, Texas, this stand is certainly reaping the benefits of hot summer days! Read more about their sales and other information that may be helpful to you in the operation and management of your own business.

I have friends who recently let me know that it was 102 degrees where they live in Texas. My suggestion to them? FIND A SHAVED ICE or SNOW CONE STAND to help them cool off!

It's hot out there! Some people don't like the heat and see it as burdensome. However, for folks like us, when we see the thermometer rise, we see dollar signs too! I hope your summer continues to be a hot and profitable one!

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