Monday, June 22, 2009

Swan Block Shaved Ice Shaver

The Swan Block Ice Shaver, model SI 100-E, is one of the best block ice shavers available on the market today. This easy to operate machine produces fine flakes of snow that easily absorb the flavors to make really excellent shaved ice treats for your customers. Operators can easily adjusted the texture of the snow with a single knob. It comes complete with a strong revolving shield to protect the operator from the spinning ice. This is an ideal machine for high volume locations.

This block shaver can hold up to a 7 pound block of ice (max: 6" square or 8" diameter by 6" tall). It features almost 10 inches of space under the shaving disc, making for easy access when filling the cup. For mobile stands or for overseas operation, the Swan block ice shaver is also available with 115 volt, 220 volt, or DC 12 volt motors.

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