Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Let's Be Careful Out There"

Does anyone remember where that phrase was made popular?

We're quickly approaching one of the busiest travel seasons of the entire year. From Thanksgiving through New Year's Day people all across the US pack up their bags and travel. They travel by plane, train, bus, ship, and automobile in order to spend time with friends and family during these special holiday times.

This isn't a normal part of the blog here, but this season, I feel like posting links to some good articles that offer tips for traveling during the holidays may be helpful to you.

So, without further delay, here are some suggested articles pertaining to traveling during the upcoming holidays.

1. My Turkey IS my Carry-On. A humorous, but informative article about what may and may not be allowed through the security checkpoint at the airport when you're flying.
2. 10 Tips for Holiday Travel
3. 5 Tips for Traveling by Car During Thanksgiving
4. Thanksgiving Travel Tips
5. A Collection of Articles about Traveling with Kids can be found here. There are several good tips here.
6. Top 10 Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips

I hope that from one of these articles, you'll be able to use a couple of tips to make your travel during the upcoming holiday season much more enjoyable and rewarding.

By the way, the phrase "Let's Be Careful Out There" was made popular by the classic televisions drama "Hill Street Blues."

So, let's be careful out there and let's have an enjoyable holiday season!

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