Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five Reasons to Purchase Equipment During the Off-Season

If you are thinking about making the exciting leap into the shaved ice or snow cone business, now is the perfect time to purchase your equipment. Why? Here's a list of reasons:

1. You can use the cold winter months to learn everything there is to know about operating your equipment safely and efficiently. Use the off season to practice! Learn how to shave ice that is consistently fluffy. Refine the technique of creating a great cup of ice.
2. Because it's the off season, you have several months to learn without any pressure. You can practice every day or several times per week.
3. Go ahead and order some syrup flavors too. Just buy the ready to use quart flavors for now. Not only is this a great time to experiment and learn how to operate your new equipment; it's also a fantastic time to learn how to apply the proper amount of flavored syrup.
4. This is a great time to figure out and practice proper cleaning and maintenance techniques. Create your own clean up and maintenance checklist. We have suggestions here.
5. EVERYTHING is on SALE! This is the absolute best time of year to purchase your equipment because it's CHEAPER! You can literally save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on purchasing equipment. For example, the Shaved Ice Starter Package at is now $3224.89. By purchasing this package now, you are saving over $500!

So, if you are ready to dive into the exciting business of selling snow cones or shaved ice this next season, we highly recommend that you save yourself some big bucks and order your equipment now. If you have any questions about the machines or products offered at, please feel free to call us or email us at

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