Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Save Money, Build Up your Inventory, and Increase your Profits!

Even though winter is considered the ‘down time’ for most concessions business owners, you can still use this time wisely and to your advantage. One of the prominent issues faced by most small business owners is cash flow. Big expenses are cash killers for most businesses.

One tip that we have is to use the next couple of months to your advantage by getting your concessions business well stocked ahead of time. Instead of having to purchase everything within the weeks prior to starting up your sales season, why not purchase your supplies over a two or three month period. Use January, February, March, and possibly April (depending on your location geographically) to purchase your supplies. Spreading out your expenses over a three or four month period will eliminate the big bill you would typically have if you ordered everything just prior to the beginning of your season.

As an added incentive to use this suggestion…all equipment and supplies are on sale at and right now. Order now and save even more! This is just another way to increase the profitability of your concessions business!

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