Thursday, December 20, 2007

These are a Must Have for Busy Concession Locations!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that allow you to work more efficiently. This is the case with take out trays. These will make your life much easier when you are dealing with large orders. Yes, they are an added expense to factor into your overall costs. But, their long term benefits far outweigh the purchase price!

Take out trays are one of those little things that ‘complete’ your business. A customer who comes up and orders three or four cups of shaved ice or slush drinks will always ask for a take out tray. If you have them, it plants a seed in their mind. It goes something like this, “Hmm…they really know what they’re doing.” Isn’t this what you want all of your customers to think? Again, little things such as take out trays are simple tools to elevate the level of professionalism that is so important to establish with your business. Order your take out trays today! They’re on sale right now at!

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