Friday, March 28, 2008

Create Rainbows and Attract more Customers

Kids go crazy about almost any rainbow combination that you create with a snow cone or shaved ice. Simply use a variety of colored syrups in order to produce a rainbow effect. Start pouring syrups, one at a time, in straight lines starting from one side of your shaved ice or snow cone cup to the other. Use colors that when mixed together will create a new, third color. For example, if you use Banana (Yellow) on one side of the container and use Bubble Gum (Blue) on the other side of the container, a green strip will form down the middle (yellow and blue make green). It will look as if three flavors were used when in reality you only used two. However, it creates a visual affect that is extremely appealing to lots of customers (not just kids). We often charged an additional 25 to 50 cents for rainbows.

This is a great way to create additional revenue on a sale. It also draws attention to the product. This is an effective tool for vendors, especially those that are participating in street fairs, special events or are located in a high traffic area where lots of people are walking.

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