Monday, April 28, 2008

Fairs and Festivals

If you are a mobile concessionaire, you know the importance of finding good, well attended special events to fill up your calendar for the season. In the past, we have featured several other good web resources for locating special events. Well, we have found one more good one that we'd like to pass on to you.
is a nationwide special events locator. While their site is not free, it's not expensive either. For $29.95 you get access to their website which has quite an extensive list of special events located throughout the US.

When you get a moment, go check out their site for yourself. I'd encourage you to do a quick search of your area and see what comes up. If there are things of interest that you see there, then I'd suggest you go ahead and join so that you can get the contact information for those events.

If you have other good Internet resources for special events, please feel free to leave a comment here. I'd enjoy taking a look at it and possibly reviewing it here in the blog.

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