Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paper Cups or Styrofoam?

Over the years we have seen shaved ice served in a variety of containers. Some of these containers include wax paper cups, foam cups, Chinese take-out-containers (cool idea), and novelty plastic containers (such as our witch hats). These novelty containers are best used for special events (fairs, concerts, tournaments, etc.). They draw attention to the product and can create additional customers simply based on their use.

However, for regular daily use, we have always used the colored, insulated foam cups at our stands. We feel that the cups keep the shaved ice colder for longer periods of time. They are also easier to wipe clean if syrup happens to run down the sides of the cup. In addition, the insulated cups are usually the cheapest alternative. Other alternatives include plain or white foam cups and waxed paper cups. Wax paper cups generally have a shorter 'life span' for the customer, especially when it is hot outside. The paper can become saturated and create a potential disaster for your customer!

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