Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Resource Material for Potential Concessionaires

I just discovered this book, entitled "How to Make Serious Money with Your Own Mobile Food Business" and the accompanying DVD that may be of interest to potential concessionaires. While the author focuses a bit on being a mobile BBQ vendor, I think there is also a great deal of pertinent information that crosses over to other vendors as well. So, whether you serve snow cones, shaved ice, cotton candy or a myriad of other products, I think this may serve as good reference material.

For those who are considering the investment in a mobile food business, I would highly encourage you to read every resource you can find. The more information you can arm yourself with, the better off you will be in understanding and handling situations that arise during the operation of your business.

Here's Amazon's product description:

"This course provides the information you need to start and operate your own mobile food business. Learn how to sell food to hungry people at strategic locations and make a good profit at the same time. You can sell food at busy downtown street corners, festivals and fairs, school events, church gatherings, ball games and craft shows. Successful businesses have been built around Pizza, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Barbecue, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, Pop Corn and many others. The 2 DVD's (2.5 hours running time) present an overview of many aspects of a mobile food vending business. The author gives a complete tour of a fully equipped Barbeque Concession Trailer and shows how to cook, prepare and sell the various menu items that are essential to success. Further topics are: finding a Restaurant Commissary, selecting a great location and making extra money on weekends or in your spare time. You will also learn many inside secrets that are based on the experience of a thriving and successful food vending business. The included book (87 pages) is packed with additional business and marketing information. Helpful advice is given on selecting the best foods to sell, working with your local Health Department, purchasing food in bulk and increasing profits with catering jobs. Learn what cooking equipment you need and find out how you can get started with a very modest investment. Other tips and tricks of the trade include ways to design and build your own Concession Trailer. Also included are the favorite BBQ recipes that will help you win loyal customers who will come back for more day after day. This authoritative guide is the most comprehensive volume about the mobile food business on the market. It shows you in an entertaining and practical way how you can supplement your current income or even create your own full time job. Find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity and cash in on the basic human need of food!"

If you have read this book or reviewed the DVD, let me know your thoughts on it. I would greatly appreciate it!

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The_Sphinx's World said...

Hello, thanks for dropping by my site. I am interested in this kind of business and I will try to see if the book you mentioned is available here in Cebu City.