Friday, July 11, 2008

Do You Offer "Snow Caps" at your Shaved Ice Stand?

Instead of offering cream flavors some shaved ice businesses will offer what they call a “Snow Cap.” This is where a cup of shaved ice is made and flavored as normal. However, after the final pour of shaved ice syrup, the prepared cup of shaved ice is again lightly topped and layered in fresh snow This unflavored layer is then covered lightly in evaporated milk to form a white “Snow Cap” on top of the shaved ice. As your customer eats the cup of shaved ice, the milk and the flavor will mix together to provide a creamy treat.

This is just another creative way to boost the average sales price on a cup of shaved ice for your stand. We suggest charging an additional 50-75 cents for this option on top of your regular shaved ice price.

Have fun!

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