Sunday, August 17, 2008

Secrets of the Snow Cone Lady: Angela's Story

I recently came across a newspaper article that discussed Angela Mattox, who owns a snow cone stand along with her husband. It's interesting to read about her life and her business. She has made some interesting connections through her snow cone stand.

I always enjoy reading about the relationships that business owners have developed with their customers. I think it gives some interesting insight into how to operate a successful service business. Operating a snow cone business is definitely service oriented! Information and advice that you can glean from a "seasoned veteran" is always helpful!

Anyhow, check out the article and enjoy. Her book may be purchased at Amazon if you are interested in it too. All proceeds from the sales of her book are being donated to the Disabled American Veterans.

**If you are interested in receiving more information and tips on running a successful shaved ice or snow cone business, visit and request their free business manual. It is full of helpful information for people who are thinking about opening up a business or are already in business.

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