Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using Flavor Concentrates from to Make Your Own Flavored Syrups

Flavor concentrates
are a much more economical way for higher volume shaved ice or snow cone businesses to operate. If you choose to make your own flavored syrups, you can cut your syrup cost by about 70% to 80% by making your own snow cone or shaved ice syrup. Simply purchase the desired flavor concentrates, add simple syrup (see recipe link in the last blog article) and you are ready to go. A quart of shaved ice or snow cone concentrate will flavor 8 gallons of syrup or 32 quarts. A gallon of shaved ice or snow cone concentrate will flavor 32 gallons of syrup or 128 quarts.

Don't forget that these flavor concentrates feature the same quality ingredients that have won several awards for in national taste tests!

Please be sure to review the last two articles here in the blog. They also address various aspects of producing your own simple syrup, necessary preservatives and equipment, etc.

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