Thursday, August 20, 2009

27 Years in the Snow Cone Business...Wow!

"The Snow Cone Lady" as she is affectionately called has been cranking out delicious snow cones for 27 years in Frisco, TX. I recommend that you read the entire article at As usual, there are some great nuggets of information to hold onto and apply in your own business.

One thing that we discuss frequently in our posts here is the need for consistency in everything you do with your business. After 27 years of being in the snow cone business, one thing I can guarantee is that her product is consistent and people like it. Evidence of that fact can be found in the following quote:

"Mathis said she’s seen more customers this opening season than any time in the past. While she always expects a few more people due to increased population and word of mouth — she never advertises — the increase this year was significant.

“I think that the economy probably has something to do with part of that increase because I try to keep my prices reasonable,” she said."

Again, I encourage you to read the entire article. Will you be able to sustain your snow cone or shaved ice business for 27 years? We hope so! By constantly evaluating your business practices, maintaining consistent customer service and offering your customers a quality product at an affordable price, you should be able to look forward to many, many years of success!

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