Monday, August 17, 2009

Football Season...It's Time for Tailgating

Whether you enjoy the NFL, college football, or you're a serious fan of your local high school team, we know you're excited and pumped up about the beginning of the football season!

While some folks certainly are excited about the games...other people get even more excited about what happens before the game: tailgating! Tailgating has grown increasingly in its popularity over the years and with that, so has the food that's associated with tailgating. It's no longer just hot dogs, burgers, and beer. Many tailgate parties involve all sorts of culinary masterpieces! There are some incredibly creative tailgaters!

If you're one of those folks who enjoys tailgating, then we have a great addition to your tailgating arsenal! We have multiple styles to choose from: 12volt machines that will operate off of a deep cycle marine or rv battery or we even have a gas powered snow cone machine.

We offer six different 12volt shaved ice machines and 3 different 12volt snow cone machines. All of these machines are commercially designed, high volume machines that will easily take care of any tailgating needs for your group. The possibilities are limitless...not only can you serve the kids in your group a tasty, refreshing dessert before the game, but 'adult concoctions' can be created for you to enjoy too!

If you're looking for a machine that will turn heads and attract attention at your tailgate party, then you should consider the gas powered snow cone machine offered at When you fire this machine will draw a crowd!

Order your machine today along with all of the necessary supplies to create great tasting treats for the tailgating season. Order now and save during our summer sale.

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