Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Perform the Proper Pour w/ Flavored Syrups

Once you have perfected the perfect dome (read the article) on your shaved ice or snow cone serving, you now are ready to pour the syrup (see diagram). Take any long neck quart bottle, with pouring spout, filled with your favorite shaved ice syrup and begin to pour the syrup on the ice. Start pouring the syrup at the outside edge of the cup (2) and work around the dome in a circular motion going from the outside edge to the center of the dome. (3) The goal is to let the syrup meet at the top. (4) Pour an extra shot of syrup down the middle of the cup to make certain that the syrup goes toward the bottom.

Using this method will ensure even coverage of the syrup throughout our customer’s snow cone or shaved ice treat. Bite after bite, your customers will be treated to a delicious, refreshing snack!

Be sure that everyone who works at your stand follows the same procedures. Consistency in service is important. You need to make sure that your customers receive the same delicious treat each and every time they visit your stand. This is important in building up a loyal customer base!

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