Thursday, September 17, 2009


What sets you apart from your competition? We have discussed several things that definitely assist you in differentiating yourself from your local competition such as:

* Superior Customer Service
* Competitive Pricing
* Offering Superior Products Made from the Best Equipment and Served in High Quality Materials

These things all make a huge impact on gaining and retaining customers.

One thing we haven’t discussed much at all is branding and the important role it has in creating your identity as a business. Branding is a “package deal” because it involves several different things. Here are a few things to get you thinking about how to shape your branding or polish/revise what is perhaps a dated or weak branding strategy.

1. Logo Design. Your logo is the visual icon for your brand. Creating a unique, visually appealing logo is an important and critical step in establishing your company’s identity.
2. Purpose Statement. What do you stand for? Say something. Let people know what you’re passionate about. Think about Ben & Jerry’s…they are more than just ice cream; they are a company that stands for a cause.
3. Make purchasing your product an experience, not just a transaction. Give them something positive to remember.
4. Give Back. You rely on the community around you for your customers. Make sure that you in turn are active in the community with your business. Get behind a local cause and support it…either financially or with your time.
5. Be dedicated to always being the best and only offering the best of everything to your customers.

This certainly isn’t comprehensive by any means, it’s just meant to get you thinking about the process of developing your company’s brand.

More to come…

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