Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water Quality – Suggestions and Solutions for Poor Quality Water

Water quality varies greatly throughout the entire United States. The vast majority of our customers who operate their own shaved ice or snow cone businesses are able to use their water straight from the tap when making their shaved ice syrups and block or cube ice. However, if the water quality and the taste of the water in your area of the country is not the best, you may need to have the water filtered or buy bottled water for your syrups and ice making.

If the water in your area has an unsuitable taste, we suggest making a small batch of shaved ice or snow cone syrup with your current water supply to see if the large amount of sweetness from the sugar in the syrup overpowers and masks any bad taste originating from your water. If your syrup still has a “funky” taste, try using an over the counter water filtration system. However, if your water is really bad, then we strong advise you to contact a water quality specialist in your area to find out how you can get the best quality water at a reasonable price. Yes, it’s an added expense for your business. But, in the long run customers will appreciate your dedication to serving them a high quality, great tasting product.

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