Tuesday, September 22, 2009

StickyLife.com, A Great Branding Resource for Concessionaires and Other Small Businesses

After discussing branding in our last post, I thought it would be prudent to make a recommendation and put some creative branding ideas out there for you to ponder.

As mentioned, branding makes a huge impact on gaining and retaining customers. We have touched on logo design several different times throughout the blog and by now I'm sure you realize just how important a great, eye-catching logo is in establishing a great brand for your business.

Now that you have your logo...use it. Promote yourself. Promote yourself in creative ways. Don't be afraid to use your logo...after all you created it to be the visual identifier of your business.

One creative place to easily and economically use your logo to create branding and promotional products is at www.StickyLife.com. StickyLife.com is in the product customization business and is an ideal place for you to experiment on various ways to promote your business through the use of creative marketing materials.

StickyLife.com offers several great products that appear to be perfect tools for promoting your shaved ice, snow cone, or cotton candy business. For example, kids love temporary tattoos. At StickyLife.com, you have the ability to create your own customized temporary tattoo! Imagine being able to hand out a temporary tattoo to every kid that comes up to your concession stand. How cool is that? The kids will definitely think it's cool! Parents and grandparents will appreciate your willingness to please their kids and grandkids too.

I will be featuring a few more unique ways to use StickyLife.com for your business in coming posts. Most importantly for now, I encourage you to visit StickyLife.com and check out all of the cool ways you can use their site to create products that will promote your business!

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