Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cotton Candy Starter Package

At, we are excited about the Cotton Candy Starter Package that we have created for individuals and organizations interested in trying out the cotton candy market.

Our starter package comes with everything you need to get up and running:

*Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine
*1000 Floss Cones
*1 case of Flossugar, your choice of flavor
*Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer

The Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine is an ideal beginner floss machine. The Floss Boss is the most dependable cotton candy maker in the industry. Solid-state heat control, high capacity spinner head, and cool running operation make it easy to use. It will easily create 60-80 servings of cotton candy per hour.

Each case of Flossugar contains six 3.25 lb. cartons, enough for approximately 360 ounces of cotton candy. Flossugar flavors include:

*Blue Raspberry
*Pink Bubble Gum
*Red Cherry
*Purple Grape
*Lime Green
*Pink Vanilla

Order now while it is on sale and save even more on your start up costs.

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