Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Daily Closing Checklist

In addition to having a consistent opening checklist, it’s important to have your employees properly close your stand every day. The following is the closing checklist that 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com recommends using. Again, feel free to modify this checklist to properly suit your stand’s needs.

Closing (should be able to leave within 15-20 minutes of closing)

1. Turn the open/closed sign at the correct time.
2. Clean and wipe down all surfaces inside stand – walls, countertops, refrigerator, freezer, shelves.
3. Clean shaved ice shaver, wipe down inside and outside, wipe out and clean drip pan.
4. Wipe off all flavor and concentrate bottles including quart and gallon jugs. If necessary, put the nightcaps on all bottles with pourers.
5. Wipe out the refrigerator.
6. Make sure all items are stocked and ready – napkins, spoons, straws, cups, lids, back-ups, toppings, notepads, paper towels.
7. Stock inside freezer with ice.
8. Lock the windows.
9. Take trash to the dumpster.
10. Make list of items needed for the next shift.
11. Sweep and mop the floor.
12. Turn the lights and AC off.
13. Lock the door.

A consistent closing checklist will help you maintain your equipment and stand properly. It will also help you keep your operation clean and looking good!

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