Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do You Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Social Media has become incredibly important to businesses everywhere. Many companies have found creative ways to incorporate social media usage into their marketing plans. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most widely used by companies to promote their products and services. With over 200 million active accounts on Facebook, it should be apparent why businesses are looking for ways to creatively use that platform to promote their products and services. Twitter, which serves a slightly different niche, currently has over 6 million users.

So, by now you're asking the question, "Why in the world would I use Facebook or Twitter for my little business?" Well, let me give you an example of one company using it effectively. Dutch Brothers Coffee actively uses both of these social media platforms and does a mighty good job with them. With Facebook, they have created a 'fan page' (which has almost 12,000 fans). They regularly update events happening at their drive thru locations and also announce drink specials too. On Twitter, Dutch Bros regularly announces drink specials as well as other interesting news related to their company. Every once in a while they'll also announce "Twitter-only specials". For example, they might advertise that a 20 oz. mocha is a dollar on Monday and this will be the only way to be informed about that special.

Dutch Brothers successfully uses these two social media tools to generate 'buzz' about their company and most importantly, the products they sell. Now, let's talk about how you can use it. Basically, I would recommend starting out with a similar plan as Dutch Bros. Yes, I know you don't have 156 locations...most likely you only have one. But, create the accounts and tell your loyal customers about your plan. Post a special and communicate it using these platforms. If you're a mobile vendor, let people know where you will be set up.

Get creative and give it a shot. It may be a way for you to gain an edge over your local competitors. People spend more and more time online these days. Both of these are FREE tools you can use to promote and market your business.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the advice! We are just starting our business and plan to use facebook to promote it. So far, we have 25 members on our page and we just put it up today. I love the idea of offering "facebook only" specials!

TimMc said...

Awesome! Good luck with your business!