Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Juice Flavored Shave Ice and Snow Cones?

I've read in a couple places online about some concessionaires featuring natural, juice flavored snow cones and shaved ice. These items are being welcomed openly, especially in niche demographics.

One article I read discussed a vendor in New Mexico who is using fresh apple cider to create a delicious tasting snow cone. Another article discussed using fresh fruits and fruit juices to create a healthy and great tasting shaved ice treat.

So, my question is...are any of our readers experimenting with natural flavors (juices) or using fresh fruit on their snow cones or shaved ice? If so, please let us know how your natural products are being received by customers. Are you charging more or the same? Are you promoting this menu item heavily?

Depending on the location of your business, fruit juices and fruit combined with your shaved ice or snow cones may be an item that you want to add to your menu. It could be well received and generate new sales and customers for your business.

Just a thought...


Unknown said...

HEy! We are handling a booth at an upcoming festival '09 in Baltimore MD, I am planning on doing shaved ice with natural syrups, that I will make.
Im gonna charge 3 bucks. I think its reasonable. The Demographic is 30% veg/vegan out of 500,000 people.
Lunch by Nature, Inc.

:) Have a Healthy Day!!

TimMc said...

Thanks for sharing that information about your venture with shaved ice and your own natural syrups. It sounds like you've done some great research for the event too. I think your price sounds fair and I wish you the best with the event.

Please feel free to let us know how the event went for you. If you're interested, we could put together an article about the experience and post it here in the blog.

Let me know...