Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Many Flavors...What's the Best for Your Stand?

There are so many delicious shaved ice flavors out there. 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com has over 75 delicious award winning flavors. But, which flavors are the ones that customers consistently order? Well, at 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com, we have created our Top 24 Flavors List to answer that question for you!

If you're a stand owner, you should always have these popular, mouth watering flavors available:

1. Cherry: Rich Cherry Flavor. A top five seller. (dark red)
2. Grape: REAL Grape Flavor. (dark purple)
3. Blue Raspberry: Similar to our regular Raspberry, but not quite as tart. (blue)
4. Strawberry: Like biting into a delicious, ripe strawberry. (red)
5. Lemon Lime: A refreshing combination of Lemon and Lime flavoring, slightly tart. (green)
6. Pina Colada: Straight from the bartender's blender but without the alcohol. A top five flavor. (clear)
7. Root Beer: Real Root Beer taste.
8. Tiger’s Blood: Fresh fruity watermelon-strawberry taste with a hint of coconut. Popular with kids as well as adults. (red)
9. Banana: Tastes like a banana Popsicle. (yellow)
10. Bubble Gum (Blue): Flavor so real, you might try to blow a bubble. (blue)
11. Hawaiian: A blend of fruity flavors. Tastes like Tropical Punch. (red)
12. Watermelon: Like a fresh watermelon, without the seeds. (red)
13. Bahama Mama: A fruity Pina Colada flavor. (pinkish red)
14. Granny Smith Apple: VERY tart Apple Taste. Sometimes called Sour Apple. (green)
15. Orange: True, fresh squeezed Orange Flavor. (orange)
16. Cotton Candy: One taste of this and you will think you are at the county fair. (red)
17. Strawberry Cheesecake: REAL Cheesecake flavor bursting with fresh Strawberries. (red)
18. Wild Cherry: Great Cherry flavor but not quite as sweet. (red)
19. Dreamsycle: Tastes like an Orange push-up pop. (orange)
20. Margarita: Straight from the bar but without the alcohol. (bright green)
21. Black Cherry: Delicious, fruity, real Black Cherry taste. (dark red)
22. Coconut: Rich, well-rounded Coconut Flavor. (clear)
23. Blueberry: Incredible, true-to-life Blueberry Flavor. (blue)
24. Polar Punch: Cool, refreshing Arctic punch taste. (neon blue)

As honorable mention, you could add Mango into the 25th position. All of these flavors are available in concentrate or ready-to-use form. Order today while our summer sale is going! You can save $1 per bottle on our ready to use flavors and even more if you buy it in concentrate form!

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