Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Menu Items…How Many is Too Many?

The main product that your business will sell is shaved ice or snow cones. Your customers should be able to choose from at least 20 to over 70 flavors at most shaved ice stands. Variations of shaved ice flavors might include creamers or mixers, (which are further explained in detail in the Cold Cash Business Manual). Some business owners will add shaved ice as a sideline item to their existing business. Shaved ice is very popular at ice cream parlors, smoothie bars, coffee shops, concession stands, and convenience stores.

In addition to shaved ice or snow cones, there are a number of other products you can sell at your business location. You may also try selling lemonade, soft drinks, milk shakes, pickles, ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, bagged potato chips, or candy. Some businesses also offer hot items such as funnel cakes, sandwiches, or pretzels.

The items you sell will depend primarily on your location, setup, and the size of your business. However, the more items you sell, the more inventory and equipment you have to purchase and keep. Additional menu items may require more preparation time along with equipment maintenance and training. At, we have found that usually the additional headaches do not always equal additional profits.

We kept our menu simple. We offered shaved ice with 45 flavors along with four flavors of hand dipped ice cream. We also offered a number of toppings, creamers, and mixers. We felt by keeping our menu simple, our customers could make their decisions much easier and faster. In addition, our employees worked much more efficiently by keeping our business simple.

**This is an excerpt from the Cold Cash Business Manual which may be requested FREE at Visit us today and request your manual. Our manual covers a broad range of topics all related to the successful operation of a shaved ice or snow cone business.

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