Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

The first day of spring is March 20th! Is your shaved ice and snow cone stand well stocked and ready to go? We recommend that you double check all of your machinery and make sure it is in good operating order. At, we also recommend that you review your inventory and supplies. Make sure that when you open up you are fully stocked and prepared for your customers! Once you have everything in good order, it’s time to make sure you and your employees review your daily opening checklist. Below is the checklist we used when opening our stands. You may find that you need to modify it somewhat to suit your needs. Please feel free to use it to your advantage!

Opening (arrive 15-30 minutes before opening)

1. Turn on the air conditioner.
2. Pick up any trash in the parking lot and around your business.
3. Wipe off the outside counters.
4. Make sure all signs and banners outside are neat and clean.
5. Mop the floor – we always mopped every morning. Since you are dealing with very sticky syrup, you can NEVER mop too much!
6. Put trash bags in the trash cans.
7. Make sure all items are stocked and ready – napkins, spoons, straws, cups, lids, back-ups, toppings, notepads, paper towels.
8. Call about inventory that may be needed or ordered.
9. Wash the windows.
10. Turn the open/closed sign at the correct time.

Smile and be ready to offer fantastic service to every customer!

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