Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking for Another Way to Increase your Profit Margin?

If you have a medium to high volume shaved ice location or multiple locations, here's a suggestion for boosting your profit margin. Make your own ice! offers two different types of block ice machines. Currently, we sell 5 traditional block ice machines that are able to produce 18-120 ice blocks per day. Our round block ice machines (four different models) are capable of producing 24-76 round ice blocks per day.

Once you have recouped the expense of purchasing a machine, your cost for ice will be reduced to just pennies each day. This savings will significantly impact your profit margin in a positive way.

Again, if you have a medium to high volume location or multiple locations, we strongly suggest that you look into producing your own ice using one of our block ice machines. It’s a great way to boost your profit margin and save an incredible amount of money on your most widely used ingredient! If you order one now, you will reap additional savings while all of our machines are still on sale!

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