Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine: Simplest Commercial Machine Out There?

The Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine may be the easiest to use commercial floss maker in the industry. A large tubular heating element allows the Auto Breeze to produce twice the cotton candy as the regular Breeze. Accu control perfectly adjusts the voltage for perfect results.

No other adjustments are needed for this single switch operation machine.
Auto cool down simplifies the operation of machine by preventing spinner head clogging. It features a 1/5 hp spinner head motor, and a 1500 watt heat element. It also requires a 15 amp plug and 1440 watts.

This is a great machine for concession stands operated by volunteers or locations where owners wish to have a simple, easy to use machine for their staff. Order one today at CottonCandyExpress.com while they are on sale!

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