Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Differences Between Cube Ice Shavers and Block Ice Shavers

What type of machine do you need?

Your snow cone or shaved ice machine will be the lifeline to your business. Without a quality machine, your business will not survive. As we stated before, we offer the largest variety of shaved ice and snow cone machines that will meet the heavy demands of any shaved ice or snow cone business. All of our machines are manufactured to the highest standards to provide years of durability and service.

We often are asked the difference between cube ice shavers and block ice shavers. We offer so many models of machines, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to make a decision. Please review the following information for help on deciding what type of ice shaver will be best suited for your business. We also have an online machine help center. At our machine help center, we offer an interactive web application that will assist you in finding the best machine for your business. It is very handy!

In terms of fluffiness, we often compare the snow cones and the shaved ice on a Fluffiness Rank of one to ten with one being chunks of ice and ten being like snow. Shaved ice would rank anywhere from a 7 to a 9 depending on the machine you are using. Snow cones would rank around a 5 or a 6. You will see our Ice Scale rank for all our machines located in the chart. Remember on the scale, 10 is like snow, 1 is like chunks of ice.

The next article will discuss more factors that play an important role in which machine you should ultimately choose for your business.

**This is a modified excerpt from our COLD CASH business manual. If you would like to receive this manual in its entirety, please visit us at 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com.

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