Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall and Winter is a Good Time to Focus on Your Concessions Business

While the title may make a few of you say, "Huh?...I'm not busy in the fall and winter", that's exactly my point. While you are NOT busy serving customers, ordering supplies, setting up at special events, etc. it is a good time to focus on your business. The off season provides excellent opportunity to examine your business, your method of operating, needs/wants, and see if you need to make a change.

Set aside some time to honestly review your business. What are you doing well? What sets your company apart from your competitors? Why do customers like your products and services? In doing this, you may see an opportunity to grow your business even more or capitalize on a particular service or product.

On the reverse side, what are you doing that may be hurting your business? What is not effective? Are there products or services that should be eliminated? While it may be painful and possibly expensive to cut a product or service, it may be in the best interest for your business in the long run.

Evaluation is always a good thing. It will only help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. So, while you have the time over the next few months, I would encourage you to thoroughly and honestly review your business to see what's successful and what needs to change. While you are taking the time to review your business, please feel free to contact us at with questions that may arise. We would be happy to help!

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